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I still remember those December mornings as a kid when I would wake up and immediately break out the Advent Calendar, find the little door with the corresponding number of days til Christmas and find a little piece of chocolate inside… Was there anything better […]



Hey ladies! Just around a week ago I headed on a quick trip to Toronto (and by quick I mean LITERALLY 24 hours) and figured it would be the perfect time to show you how I pack a carry on! I’ll admit I’m as bad […]



This morning, I woke up to a big, beautiful white box on my doorstep. What was in it you ask?


Fiori Floral Atelier is the city’s only luxury flower concierge, offering bouquets of two-dozen premium roses in a signature white round box. It’s the only floral arrangement that comes directly to your door, packaged up in a carry tote, and ready be displayed – No vase necessary. With just a couple clicks online, Fiori delivers a luxury bouquet of high quality, special order roses right to your door, or to the door of that someone special – all included

It’s simple, it’s chic, but better yet it symbolizes so much more

Whether it’s a gift for your bridesmaids, a reminder of how much you love someone, or just a “treat yourself” gift to you from you, these roses are the exact gesture none of us knew we needed… until now.

While nobody can deny the happiness receiving a bouquet of flowers can bring, there’s something just a little more special about receiving two dozen, big, beautifully wrapped roses in a perfectly crisp, white box. Crème de la crème some might say. I know I’m definitely calling it that. Wrapped around the white box is the word “FIORI” in classically modern lettering, adding a slight touch of sophistication to this floral focal point. They just breathe luxury into any space, no matter what colour the bouquet is.

Whether its the classic & romantic white “Bianca”, something bold & bright like “Rosa”, soft & vintage like “Grigio” or dark & lusty like “Nerissimo”, there’s a bouquet for every taste, every personality, and every reason. I know I’ll be needing to get my hands on each and every one of these. Did someone say “Bella”?



I caught up with the founders, Lindsay Creedon and Lindy Norris to find out a little more about how they got started, what Fiori represents, as well as got their advice for women out there looking to follow their own passions, just as these two did!

What inspired you to create Fiori and bring a luxury flower service to the Winnipeg market?

It was a luxury concept we saw in our travels and immediately wanted to bring to Winnipeg. Fiori reflects florals done in a simple, modern, abundant, and beautiful way.
 The Fiori difference comes from:
  • large standard bouquets (24 roses!) comprised of hand-tied, premium stems (no filler) that are fresh-sourced from South America, 
  • our signature round box meant for immediate display (no vases or trimming needed), 
  • sustainable packaging that is 100% recyclable, handmade, and locally-sourced,
  • an uncomplicated online order and delivery process (three steps only), and
  • uncompromising focus on an exceptional and personal experience.

Additionally, Fiori is community-minded and proud to collaborate with local craftsman in developing handmade, sustainable packaging. We believe responsible operation not only means supporting local businesses, but also reducing impact on the environment through lean processes and packaging. Winnipeg may not be a huge metropolis, but it is a powerful, diverse, stable and progressive community. We believe it deserves the same exciting products as the biggest cities in the world – and we couldn’t have picked a better city to bring Fiori Floral Atelier to life.

In your eyes, what does Fiori symbolize? 

From the beginning, Fiori was meant to be a modern take on a classic gesture. We know time is a luxury. While sending flowers is not a new concept, the simple Fiori experience, combined with fresh-sourced premium stems delivered in handmade sustainable packaging, provides sophistication and convenience in one.

It seems to me like Fiori is about to become another female-entrepreneurial success story from right here in the Prairies. What line of advice do you have to give to girls out there looking to pursue their passions and turn them into a success?

If an idea comes to you: pursue it. If something is nagging at your heart with conviction, whether for one week or one year, listen and explore it when the time is right (…Fiori was 18 months in the making). Be stubborn on the vision and flexible on the details: once you start moving and taking the little risks, the big ones become easier to roll with. Roadblocks are just a test of your resilience. Be relentless on the customer experience. Servant leadership is a powerful mindset, and if you can always put others before yourself, you will always be in a position to empathize and to constantly improve.

If something is nagging at your heart with conviction, whether for one week or one year, listen and explore it when the time is right

If you’re looking to get your hands on this stunning bouquet or one of 10 other colours, head over to

“Bianca” bouquet

If you’re looking to get your hands on this stunning bouquet or one of 10 other colours, head over to