It’s been just over a month since I released Brains and Bronzed and I’m loving every bit of it! I wanted to break the ice a little more, and share some things about me as you might be wondering who this Winnipeg girl really is.

Dress: Old Navy (SOLD OUT) Similar: Asos| Shoes: Aldo | Wallet: Rebecca Minkoff more details below!


First off, I’ve been a prairie girl all my life, born and raised in Winnipeg, MB, and not planning on leaving anytime soon! I’m 21 years old, and will be starting my second last year of my university degree at the University of Manitoba this fall. Note to all the American girls reading this: Canadians often don’t leave their province or even city to go school. Unless you get a major scholarship or you’re some sort of athlete, people tend to just stay in their hometowns for post-secondary.

I have one older sister, Courtney, who is almost 5 years older than me. Growing up, I learned a lot from her and I think the big age gap between us is what formed my mindset of looking ahead and always thinking in a way that’s further ahead than where I currently am in my life. I’ve always been excited for the next stage of my life from watching her path go in different directions. Seeing her in high school when I was still in elementary, to university, to buying a house, starting her career, getting married and so on has always made me excited for my next step. Our personalities and our paths are so entirely different, but she’s always been a guiding light for me.

My boyfriend Nico and I have been together since we were 17! It’s been 4 years that we’ve been dating and it’s been so amazing to have gone through so many changes and experiences together. He’s truly my best friend and biggest supporter! Our personalities are polar opposites, he’s the calm and I’m the storm. He goes with the flow of things, and I like to have everything planned out. I think our differences are what makes us work! He also takes most of my pictures (and may or may not be seen in the reflection of a couple photos in this post…) hiiiii babe you’re the best!


I’m studying business with a focus in Marketing. Originally, my plan was to become an Accountant after graduation, but I realized that was not what I wanted to do for the rest of my life, and that I wanted to be doing something I was passionate about and something that better aligned with my skill set and personal values (see here for more background on this decision). I have a year and a half to go, so at least another year until I have to get down to the grit of it and decide what I actually want to pursue within marketing after I get my degree. Since I started university, I’ve been working part time in different industries to complement my studies. I’ve worked for the justice system, a national financial services company, and currently, I do marketing for a government agency. Now’s the time to figure things out right? Figure out what I’m good at, what I’m not, what I love, and what I don’t.


Besides my education (which I think always seems to define us even though it shouldn’t), I love practicing yoga, writing, spending time at my cabin at Falcon Lake, and visiting new places. I’ve gone to Cabo, Mexico the last 2 winters and I just can’t seem to get enough! For sure my #1 favourite of the tropical destinations I’ve been to. Besides Mexico I’ve been to Cuba, Dominican Republic, and of course, many cities throughout the US. Two of my favourite cities are Chicago IL and Montreal, QC! Weird picks, I know but I love everything about them both! It’s a short list of countries checked off, but I’m excited to spend a few months traveling abroad once I finish my degree, but I’m yet to decide where it is I’d like to see Right now I’m thinking Italy, Greece and the surrounding areas (recommendations welcome!! write me in the comments below or the contact page) Beyond what I like to do, one of my ultimate goals and overall life-guideline is simply to continuously grow myself as a person. I truly believe the key to a happy life is making the most out of all opportunities, so every chance I get to try something new, get a new experience, or move outside of my comfort zone, I try to take advantage of. Whether its traveling, taking on a volunteer position, attending a seminar, making a speech, starting a blog (wink)meeting with someone you admire, whatever it is – I just want to do it all. Nobody ever got anywhere by not walking through an open door, so I think the key is to make the most of every chance you get!


Why did I start a blog? For years, I’ve wanted to start a blog but it just didn’t seem feasible and it always seemed to me like something that not just anyone could do. Earlier this spring, I decided I’d just go for it. Why not? I feel like I have a lot to share with people. Whether its sharing my own opinions and thoughts, fashion ideas, tips & tricks, or my experiences, I just wanted to have a way to be able to share pieces of my life with people who might be interested. As much as I write posts for people to read, I write them for myself as well. As a way to get my thoughts out on paper. Sure Instagram is an amazing platform and definitely what enticed me into the world of blogging, but it’s all pictures, and with that comes a picture perfect perception of everything you share. A picture may say a thousand words, but a thousand written words means SO much more. I wanted a space where I could share ideas, views, thoughts, and questions with no distractions. Just a space for me to go outside of my own head, and let others get a look inside of it!


  1. Sunshine –  Winters in Winnipeg are COLD, so any chance I get to enjoy the heat and the sun, I’m on it.
  2. Organization – I’m crazy about organization when it comes to my schedule. I use Google Calendar AND a physical day planner and I write down every single event, deadline, birthday, plan, etc in both.
  3. Smoothies – I make a smoothie for breakfast most days of the week. It’s the best way to get your servings of fruit, veggies, and protein in a quick meal that I actually love eating!
  4. The news –  my guilty pleasure! I’m constantly reading the newspaper, or reading articles online. I’m so curious about the world and always find things so interesting.
  5. Champagne my #1 drink of choice.
  6. BRONZING! – because Brains and Bronzed had to come from somewhere right? I love being tanned. I feel so much more comfortable in my own skin when I have that summer glow, but I will not use a tanning bed.
  7. Target, Winners, Marshalls – this girl LOVES a deal, and I have no problem scouring a store to find one! I always, always get the best finds at these stores, a good half of my wardrobe is from Winners and Marshalls. And Target, I will literally go to the states for a day just to go to Target since we no longer have them in Canada
  8. Big Brother – another guilty pleasure! Every year I look forward to the new season and become even more addicted.


  1. Suits, The Office, Breaking Bad – all the shows that everyone loves, I don’t… I hardly ever watch tv so my PVR is usually full of month’s worth of episodes of the shows that I do like.
  2. Red meat – burgers, steak… nope. I haven’t had either in about 12 years.
  3. iPads – oh my goodness they’re so annoying. I’ll use either my iPhone, or my MacBook… nothing in between.
  4. High heels – like they’re beautiful but am I going to compromise my comfort (and sanity) to wear a pair of 4.5″ stilettos? Nooooo.
  5. Chipped nail polish – my biggest pet peeve. You’ll find me with perfect polish, or none at all but I absolutely can’t stand when its chipped.
  6. Not washing my face – I’m a clean freak when it comes to my face. I will never go to sleep without washing my face. I physically cannot, not wash my makeup off before bed.
  7. Germs – I wouldn’t call myself a germophobe but maybe borderline… I hate sharing drinks, makeup, even sometimes clothes.


That’s it, that’s all for now! Hopefully you now feel like you have a better idea of who I am, and will find it a little more personal and relateable when you go through my posts! Feel free to comment below or send me a message to ask me anything else you’d like to know, I’d love to share!


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    Dress: (Similar)  Asos| Shoes: Aldo | Wallet: Rebecca Minkoff